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EduBase-V2 trainers   






For TIVA Launchpad


For MSP432 Launchpad


For NucLeo-F446RE and NucLeo-F031K6




The EduBase-V2 supports Tiva and MSP432 launchpads, Nucleo-F446RE and Nucleo-F031K6 without adapters.

For any other ARM microcontroller modules, including Teensy, RP2040 and ESP32, a custom-made adapter is needed.
The newer EduBase-V2 is a 3V system only for ARM controllers.

For Arduino style programming:
The Tiva & MSP432 launchpads are supported by Energia IDE.
The Nucleo-F446RE and Nucleo-F031K6 are directly supported by Arduino IDE.






Teensy 3.5/3.6


Teensy 4.0 with
Teensy 3.6 footprint


USBDM-SWD Programmer
for ARM controllers




Prof. Mazidi's book web site

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